Children and Young People

Welcome to the Safeguarding Partnership pages for children and young people. Also see the Wirral Zillo Website for children and young people

From here you can access information about:

Body Image


Child Exploitation

Children’s Guide to Cornavirus (Covid 19)

Concerned about Yourself or Someone Else


Domestic Abuse

Drugs and Alcohol

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Gender Identity

Going Back to School Guide

Hate Crime and Mate Crime

Help and Support Contacts

Helpline for Children who feel Unsafe or Worried

Knife Crime

Local Offer for Children with Disabilities

Mental Health

Mental and Emotional Health Support Line

Metro Mayor Event Report – Covid 19

Olivia’s Blog

Online Safety

Railway Danger

Safe Havens

Self Harm


Staying Safe 

Young Carers

Zillo Website for Children and Young People