Concerned about Yourself or Someone else

Are You Concerned About Yourself or Someone Else?

Are you struggling to cope with the usual day to day stuff ? Or, do you have a friend you are worried or concerned about? You are well placed to notice if someone close to you is struggling, with their day to day life.

Normal behaviour can be disturbed by the sorts of stressful events that we all experience from time to time such as a relative dying, abusive relationship or a relationship ending. Typical emotions in response to these events may be sadness, anger or feeling stressed. These are all natural responses and, although the feelings may be very intense for a short period, the changes will probably only be temporary. Support, patience and understanding will help a person get back to normal.

Some of the Reasons You or a Friend may be Finding Things Difficult:

  • recent loss or the break up of a close relationship
  • an actual and/or expected unhappy change in circumstances
  • use of, or dependency on, alcohol or other drugs
  • history of self-harming
  • history of suicide in the family
  • depression
  • being bullied
  • struggling with school or college
  • domestic violence in your home or in your relationship
  • being sexually or criminally exploited

You or someone you know could be dealing with a combination of problems or issues in your life, for example you could be in an abusive relationship, that is impacting on your school work and making you feel low and depressed, leading to self-harm. There will never be just one thing, one thing will lead to another and then we feel that we can no longer cope.

Some Tell Tale Signs That Someone may be Struggling:


  • lacking energy or appearing particularly tired
  • appearing more tearful
  • not wanting to talk or be with people
  • not wanting to do things they usually enjoy
  • a change in routine, such as sleeping or eating more or less than normal
  • using alcohol or drugs to cope with feelings
  • finding it hard to cope with everyday things
  • appearing restless and agitated
  • not liking or taking care of themselves or feeling they don’t matter
  • being un-typically clumsy or accident prone
  • becoming withdrawn or losing touch with friends and family

There is Lot’s of Help Available:

  • You should speak to a parent / carer or someone close to you maybe a teacher or close friend
  • GP or School Nurse
  • Childline find out more information here
  • Young Minds find out more information here
  • Catch22 find out more information here
  • Bully Busters  find out more information here
  • DrinkAware find out more information here
  • FRANK find out more information here
  • NSPCC find out more information here
  • Children and Adults Mental Health Services to find out more information here
  • You can also contact Integrated Front Door on 0151 606 2008 (9-5pm) after hours 0151 677 6557 or email: [email protected]














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