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6.Children in Specific Circumstances

Sections in Chapter Six:

6.1 Safeguarding Children from Abuse Linked to a Belief in Spirit Possession

6.2 Abuse of Disabled Children

6.3 Children and Young People who Display Sexually Inappropriate and Harmful Behaviour

6.4 Working with Young People Engaged in Sexual Activity

6.5 Bullying in Children and Young People’s Settings

6.6 E-Safety: Safeguarding Children and Young People using Digital and Interactive Technology

6.7 WSCB pan Merseyside Missing from Home Care Protocol and Procedure May 18 (new May 2018)

6.8 Children at Risk of Not Receiving a Suitable Education

6.9 Children Living Away from Home (including Children and Families Living in Temporary Accommodation)

6.10 Private Fostering (links to LA Children’s Services Procedure)

6.11 Management of Children and Young People in Need who are Medically Fit for Discharge

6.12 Children in Need Moving In and Out of Wirral

6.13 North-west Children in Need Moving across Local Authority Boundaries Protocol

6.14 Complex (Organised or Multiple) Abuse

6.15 Children Visiting Psychiatric Wards and Facilities

6.16 Concealed Pregnancies

6.17 Pre-birth Procedure (updated October 2017)

6.18 Responding to Children and Young People who are at Risk from Domestic Violence and Abuse – Policy and Guidance for Professionals

6.19 Dangerous Dogs and Safeguarding Children (links to main page)

6.20 Fabricated or Induced Illness

6.21 Female Genital Mutilation

6.22 Wirral Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage Protocol

6.23 Safeguarding Children from Abroad (including Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children)

6.24 Modern Slavery

6.25 Safeguarding Children and Young People who may have been Trafficked

6.26 Guidance on Safeguarding Children for Faith Groups in Wirral

6.27 Working with Children and Families affected by Substance Misuse (links to WSCP Substance Misuse webpage)

6.28 Mental Illness of a Parent or Carer – Adult Mental Health and Children’s Services Joint Working Protocol

6.29 Children Affected by Gang Activity and Youth Violence

6.30 Safeguarding Children in Licensed Premises

6.31 Safeguarding Children and Young People against Radicalisation and Violent Extremism

6.32 Cross-border Child Protection Cases under the Hague Convention

6.33 Sexual Health Policy and Guidance for Staff Working with Young People under 19 Years of Age

6.34 Child Sexual Exploitation: Multi-agency Strategy, Protocol and Practice Guidance (links to main page)

6.35 Working with Families who Display Disguised Compliance (new January 2018)

6.36 Child Criminal Exploitation and County Lines (new April 2018)

6.37 Child Exploitation Pan Merseyside Protocol (new October 2018)