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Wirral Safeguarding Children Board – Neglect of Children and Young People

Neglect is the most common reason for a child to be the subject of a child Protection Plan in the UK and research from the NSPCC tells us that 1 in 7 secondary school age children and 1 in 20 children under 11 in the UK have been neglected at some point.

To help combat neglect of children the Wirral Safeguarding Children Board has developed and published its multi-agency Neglect Strategy (below)

WSCB Neglect Strategy 17-19

The strategy has been developed by the WSCB partnership to help ensure agencies and practitioners recognise neglect and provide an effective response which will improve outcomes for children, young people and their families. Integral to the strategy is the identification and engagement of families at the earliest opportunity by preventative services.

The WSCB has also published a Neglect Practice Guidance document for professionals which can be accessed here:


In cases where professionals are aware of, or suspect neglect the Graded Care Profile tool must be used with families. This is an evidence based tool for assessing the type and level of neglect in a family and can be used to assess changes and improvements over time. The tool is useful in helping to identify the appropriate help and interventions a family may require.

The Graded Care Profile tool, Instructions and Guidance document for professionals and leaflet for families are available below. The partner agencies of the safeguarding board have all agreed that professionals who work directly with children, young people and families in the family home will use the Graded Care Profile tool, and this will help inform any subsequent referral or assessment.

Please note that the WSCB will be introducing the Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) from summer 2019. This will replace the current Graded Care Profile tool. Practitioners will have to attend new training to be able to use the tool.

Further information about the GCP2 can be found here.

WSCB Graded Care Profile Tool

GCP Scoring Sheet

GCP Summary Sheet

WSCB GCP Instructions

WSCB Graded Care Profile Leaflet

The WSCB Home Conditions Assessment tool is also available for professionals to use to inform about the impact of poor home conditions on children.

When would you use it?

“The home conditions are poor and I am concerned that this is having a negative effect on the children.”

What is it?

  • The home conditions assessment tool is a short assessment of the physical aspects of the home conditions and the impact this can have on the children who live there.
  • These impacts will differ depending on the age and development of the child.
  • Particular home conditions may prompt actions (e.g. clearing of rubbish in the home by the parents) which can inform plans.
  • The home conditions form can be completed in partnership with parents/carers,
  • The tool concludes with decisions, tasks, actions and consent issues.
  • Subsequent reviews should establish whether the home conditions have improved or deteriorated.



The information sheet for professionals included below contains 9 top tips to use when assessing whether a child is being neglected. The tips support the use of the graded care profile.


Three awareness raising and learning posters about neglect for professionals are also included:

WSCB Neglect Risk Factors Learning Poster
WSCB Neglect Vulnerabilities Children Learning Poster
WSCB Awareness of Neglect Poster

The WSCB recently updated the multi-agency neglect training available for all professionals in the children’s workforce. The full day training course includes the identification of neglect and the use of the Graded care Profile tool. Details of the course, dates and how to apply can be found here:

Training booking