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11.Multi-agency Protocols and Practice Guidance

Sections in Chapter Eleven:

11.1 Wirral Protocol in Relation to Children with a Child Protection Plan Moving Across Local Authority Boundaries

11.2 Children Placed in Wirral – Notification Procedure

11.3 North-west Pre-care and Care Proceedings Notification and Transfer across Local Authority Boundaries Procedure

11.4 Joint Protocol for the Management of Domestic Abuse Notifications from Merseyside Police and Other Agencies

11.5 Wirral Domestic Abuse Multi-agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) Operating Protocol

11.6 Joint Local Protocol between Drug and Alcohol Partnerships and Children and Family Services

11.7 Bruising in Children who are Not Independently Mobile

11.8 Assessment of Sexual Abuse

11.9 Assessing Sexual Perpetrators with Learning Disabilities

11.10 Considerations of Sexual Abuse in Kinship Placements

11.11 Assessing Adult Female Sexual Perpetrators

11.12 Assessment of the Mother as a Protective Parent where a Child has been Abused

11.13 How to Respond if a Child Discloses Sexual Abuse

11.14 Assessment of the Sexually Abused Child

11.15 Assessing Children who Sexually Abuse

11.16 Wirral Multi-agency Neglect Strategy (under review)

11.17 Neglect and the Graded Care Profile (links to main page)

11.18 Safer Sleeping Guidance

11.19 Good Practice Guidance for Working with Children and Families Affected by Substance Misuse

11.20 Chronology Guidance for Professionals 2018 (new December 2018)

11.21i Police and Children’s Social Care Joint Working Protocol (new May 2019)

11.21ii Police and Children’s Social Care Joint Working Protocol – Appendix One