Annual Report 2021 Progress Against Priorities

On this page you will find a review of progress against the WSCP’s priorities for 2019-21. Four priorities were set by the WSCP:

  1. Priority One—Emotional Health and Wellbeing – Children and young people who require support with their emotional wellbeing are able to access high quality services quickly
  2.  Priority Two—Contextual Safeguarding – Extra-familial risks to children and young people are identified, understood and responded to at the earliest opportunity
  3. Priority Three—Impact of Intergenerational Abuse and Neglect – Children and young people are protected from intergenerational abuse and neglect and partners work together to break the cycle
  4. Priority Four—Working Together Partnership – A strong  partnership based on common values, approach and principles ensures children are  protected from harm

The document below details the actions and progress that has been made, and the work still left to do:

The priorities for 2022-24 can be seen here.

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