Annual Report 2021 Business Plan 2022-24


On this page you will find information about the new two-year WSCP Business Plan for 2022-24

The Business Plan was agreed by the WSCP Executive in December 2021. The four priority areas were chosen after considering learning from case review activity, the SFEF review, outcomes of audit activity, legacy of the previous business plan, feedback from committees and work groups, discussions with partners. The four priority areas for 2022-24 are:

  • Neglect – Children and young people suffering from or at risk of neglect will be swiftly identified and effectively responded to
  • Supporting Families Enhancing Futures – The SFEF model for working with children, young people and families will include latest thinking and strong systemic practice
  • Breaking the Cycle – Children and young people are protected from intergenerational abuse and neglect and partners work together to break the cycle
  • Violence Against Women and Girls – Women and girls in Wirral can flourish in an environment free from sexual harassment abuse and violence

The WSCP Business Plan document which details activity to be undertaken in Year 1 (22-23) is available below:


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Journey of the Child
Key Activity
Multi-agency Working
Progress Against Priorities