School Drug Policy & Template


Barnardo’  have updated the Drugs Policy for 2021, Please refer to Section 5.12 External Agencies and Section 6, Vulnerable Pupils /Criminal Child Exploitation  / County Lines.  This is new additional information that been added to the policy and is highlighted in blue.  To access the update, please click below:

Wirral Schools Drug Policy – Updated March 2021:*

*Schools can contact Lea Sloan, [email protected], Wirral Schools Adviser for further advice and guidance on policy, curriculum or any drug related matters.

All schools are required to have an up to date Drugs Policy and on Wirral, the 175 Safeguarding audit 2021 will ask schools about their policy. To assist with this, please use the link below which will take you to the recommended Wirral Schools Drugs Policy Template.

The Template is endorsed by Wirral Safeguarding Children’s Partnership and was devised by the Wirral Schools Drug Adviser*, Barnardo’s, in  partnership with 4 Wirral schools. It was developed in response to schools requesting a standardised document, to enable a consistent approach and response to any drug related matters in all primary, secondary and alternative provisions across Wirral.

The template can be amended to meet the individual school’s needs. It is applicable to staff, pupils, governors, parents / carers, external agencies and contains links to relevant national guidance, procedures on the management and response to drug related incidents as well as guidance on the delivery of appropriate drugs education.