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Notifiable Incidents Involving Children

This page was updated in June 2018

16C(1) of the Children Act 2004 states

Where a local authority in England knows or suspects that a child has been abused or neglected, the local authority must notify the Child Safeguarding Practice Review (using the link below) Panel if:

(a) the child dies or is seriously harmed in the local authority’s area, or

(b) while normally resident in the local authority’s area, the child dies or is seriously harmed outside England.

The local authority must report any event that meets the above criteria to the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel. They should do so within five working days of becoming aware that the incident has occurred.

The local authority should also report the event to Ofsted and Department for Education using Ofsted’s current online notification system:

The local authority will also inform the relevant safeguarding partners within five working days and the WSCB. Where a looked-after child has died (including cases where abuse or neglect is not known or suspected), the event should also be reported to Ofsted, the safeguarding partners and the child death review partners.

In Wirral notifications are made by the Head of Safeguarding following consultation with the Deputy Director, Children’s Services. The Head of Safeguarding also informs partners via the Chair of the Case Review committee.

Responsibility of the WSCB

In accordance with the WSCB Learning and Improvement Framework the Case Review Sub-committee will identify whether the case meets the threshold for a Serious Case Review or whether another form of learning review would be useful. This decision must be ratified with by the Chair of the WSCB and the WSCB Business Manager will consult with the National Panel of Independent Experts.  Further information can be obtained from the links below: