Child Noah Safeguarding Practice Review

The review was published on the 18th April 2023. This case looks at how well different organisations worked with a family whose children had previously been subject to child protection and child in need plans. In this case the unexpected death of 3 year old Noah at home was treated as potentially suspicious given the family’s history, although it was later concluded that he died from natural causes due to a bacterial infection.

This case has many elements including the response to a sudden death of a child, the effectiveness of multi-agency working in a family with concerns about neglect, domestic abuse, parental conflict and substance misuse, and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The review does not find failings with multi-agency involvement and does acknowledge the difficulties in working with a family with multiple areas of need and during a pandemic. However, the review does find opportunities for learning, many of which have been taken forward by the safeguarding partnership including the development of a systemic practice relationship based approach to working with families.

The report and learning poster are on our website:

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