Annual Reports and Business Plans

WSCP Annual Reports

The WSCP is required to publish an annual report each year. The purpose of the annual report is to provide an assessment of the breadth and effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements for the previous 12 month period.

The Annual Report for 2021 is available here:

A brief summary of the report on-a-page can be found here:

A summary PowerPoint presentation of the report is available here:

The WSCP Business Plan for 2022-24 is available here:

Previous Reports

Previous Annual Reports can be downloaded below:

WSCP Annual Report 2019-20
Annual Report 2019-20 On-a-Page

WSCB Achievements Report 2018-19

WSCB Annual Report 2017-18

WSCB Annual Report 2016-17

WSCB Annual Report 2015-16