Safeguarding Health Check

What to expect:

The safeguarding health check provides an independent evaluation of the robustness of the safeguarding procedures, arrangements and the ‘safeguarding culture’ of a setting. Prior to visiting, the Education Officer will carry out a document review and a website check. The support includes a ½ day on site meeting the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), with leaders, speaking to governors or key staff (where possible), and completing a document review. During the visit the Education Officer will  carry out an evaluation of the settings systems and procedures for managing allegations. Following the visit, the Education Officer will provide a follow up report with recommendations and an action plan (where applicable).

Pre-visit off-site preparation:

The Education Officer will conduct

  • Documentary review including setting policies and previous inspection report
  • Website check
  • Setting self-evaluation review (Ofsted reports, etc)

Setting visit on-site will include:

  • An interview with the DSL who has responsibility for safeguarding on site (or equivalent member of the senior leadership team)
  • A ‘safer recruitment’ review including single central record
  • A safeguarding policy and other relevant documentation review
  • An evaluation of setting systems and procedures for managing allegations
  • Support to determine whether safeguarding systems and procedures are clear to all
  • A check to ensure records are being stored appropriately

The Education Officer will support each setting to scrutinise existing policies, procedures and practice; to identify areas for improvement through challenge and reflection. This will provide advice and guidance on topics agreed with the client.

By the end of the review the setting will have:

    • An independent evaluation of the effectiveness of the safeguarding procedures and practice.
    • An action plan making suggestions about how to improve aspects of provision and thus ensure procedures are as rigorous as they can be.
    • A report is compiled identify strengths of provision and any recommendations to improve/ develop practice within an action plan developed with the setting during the health check. Included will be:
    • Points for immediate action / Improvements to make in the medium term
    • Areas of good practice
    • Strategies and ideas to help you to improve your practice.

Safeguarding support is a service that will be of interest to all settings, their management teams, committees or business leads and is intended to support settings with their safeguarding arrangements.

Total cost for the ½ day Health Check is: £500.00

To book your Safeguarding Health Check please ring Amanda Waterfall – Education Officer  – 07795 617 644 or email: Amanda Waterfall.

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