10.2 Multi-agency Escalation Procedure

10.2-WSCP-Multi-agency-Escalation-Procedure-April 2024

10.2i Appendix One Record on Childs File

10.2ii Appendix Two Triggering of Escalation

10.2iii Appendix Three Informing WSCP about Resolution

10.2iv Appendix Four Informing WSCP about Escalation

Please be aware that escalations are raised between agencies and the WSCP is notified. The WSCP does not resolve escalations for partner agencies and will not intervene unless an escalation reaches Stage 4.

10.2v Stages of Escalation agreed with Children’s Services

A simple poster of the Escalation process and timescales is below:

Escalation Process Poster

A 7 minute briefing poster is below:

7 min Briefing Escalation

A Key Messages learning poster is below:

Learning from Multi-agency Escalation

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