Extremism and Radicalisation

What is Extremism and Radicalisation?

Extremism is when people have very strong opinions, these could become extreme. People who have certain beliefs about politics or religions which are hateful, dangerous or against the law are often known as extremists. This harmful behaviour is called extremism.

Extremists might use violence and damage to express their views. And extremist racial or religious groups might use hate, fear or violence to control and influence people. You may have heard different groups mentioned, like Daesh, also known as ISIS or IS but there are other groups like Combat 18 who are also considered to be extremists.

Radicalisation is when someone starts to believe or support extreme views. They could be pressured to do things illegal by someone else. Or they might change their behaviour and beliefs. Someone who has been radicalised might believe that sexual, religious or racial violence is OK. They may be influenced by what they see online. And they might have links to extreme groups that preach hate like Nazi groups or Islamic extremists like Daesh, also known as ISIS or IS.

Having extreme views can be dangerous. And this can often lead to harmful and illegal activities involving violence, attacks, discrimination or hate, which you could be arrested or sent to prison for.

Terrorism is the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear.

What can we do?

Extremists are targeting and grooming impressionable young people through social media and the internet in order to influence their minds in much the same way that sexual predators operate online.

Their message can have a powerful impact on someone who’s young, possibly unsure of their path in life, and may lack confidence.

Parents or carers who have concerns about their children being exposed to extremism or radicalisation can access a variety of materials to help understand the risks.

There is a range of useful resources below:

If you or anyone is in immediate danger please call 999

You can also contact Integrated Front Door on 0151 606 2008 (9-5pm) after hours 0151 677 6557 or email [email protected]


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