Covid-19 Impact on Children and Young People

There is a growing amount of research being published about the impact (beyond the physical medical effects) of Coronavirus/ Covid-19 on children and young people.

Early research tells us that young people are increasingly concerned about their own mental health and wellbeing – research by YoungMinds reveals that at least half of young people have reported that their mental health has got worse since the lockdown with one third reporting their mental health was much worse.

Other research from the NSPCC, analysed from calls to Childline recently highlights increased concerns from children about their mental health, strained family relationships, bullying, abuse and neglect – including online abuse.

The reports from YoungMinds and the NSPCC are included below. Also included is the guidance from the Children’s Commissioner about talking to children about Coronavirus, and a link to NSPCC guidance about talking to children about their mental health and anxiety.

The Children’s Commissioner has also published a briefing paper, available below and here, about the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on families who have new born babies. It is estimated that approximately 76,000 babies will have been born during the crisis, which will have added considerable pressure and anxiety to an already stressful situation, one in which many families may be struggling to cope.

Children’s Commissioner-lockdown-babies advice

As more research becomes published it will be added to this page.

What Children are Saying to Childline About Coronavirus:

Young Minds Coronavirus Report March 2020

Children’s Commissioner Children’s Guide to Coronavirus:

Depression, anxiety and mental heath. Guidance if you are worried about a child:

CWP’s 24 hour mental health helpline which can be accessed by all Wirral residents (of all ages including children and young people) who need urgent support:

Call 0300 303 3972 for support.

WSCP Webpage for Children and Young People about emotional health and wellbeing:

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