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Youth Engagement Blog

Youth Engagement Worker

Hi, my name is Kim Fenna and I am the Youth Engagement Worker for Wirral Safeguarding Children’s Board, it is my job to listen to you and put your voice across, we will be working with established groups of Children and Young People in Wirral and do projects along with the group of professionals that work together to keep you all safe, if you have any questions you would like to ask me please email me on [email protected]

For more information please click on the following link: youth engagement leaflet.2

Work I have been doing

I have been working on the Annual Report to make it easier for you to read picking out the important bits so that you know what we are doing to protect you! This is available on the section ‘Your Safeguarding Board’.

I have also been busy creating a new leaflet for the LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) which is going to be available to all Children and Young People in Wirral so you know what the LADO does and how she can help!

I have been out and about and have met many of you, we also have a competition running for year 6 primary school pupils on what E-Safety means to them, we have had some fantastic entries so far these will be available for viewing on the online safety section of the website very soon!

If you would like the opportunity for your words to be on our website and get involved then email [email protected] or text 07557190925 to tell me what YOU think Safeguarding is and what being safe means to you.

NSPCC annual report ‘How safe are our children?’

Each year the NSPCC publish a report this is called ‘How safe are our children?’

This year the main headlines are,

There has been an increase in the reporting and recording of child abuse and neglect.

  • All 4 countries in the UK have seen the number of recorded sexual offences against children increase over the last year.
  • England and Wales have seen an increase in the number of recorded cruelty and neglect offences in the last year.
  • Reports of online abuse have increased, including:
    • a rise in the number of ChildLine counselling sessions about sexting and cyberbullying
    • an increase in the number of URLs containing child abuse images being identified and removed from the internet
    • an increase in the number of recorded obscene publication offences.

More support is needed for children who have been abused. We know that abuse and neglect can impact on children and young people’s mental health. We need to make sure that therapeutic support is available for children who have been abused, but currently the commissioning of services is being held back by a lack of data.

To read the full report please click on the link HERE

The Safeguarding Children Board Team

Business Manager

My name is David Robbins and I am the manager of the Wirral Safeguarding Children Board. Every local area in the country has a Safeguarding Board and we are here to make sure that all organisations work together to keep children and young people safe. Central to this work is making we sure we, and all our partners listen to what young people tell us.

Before working for the safeguarding board I have worked on many projects designed to help young people achieve positive outcomes and before that I was a teacher. To improve the way we capture and respond to the views of young people we have appointed Kim to lead on our youth engagement and we look forward to including you and your views in the on-going work of the Safeguarding Board.

Training Officer

My name is Briony Baker and I am the Training Officer with the WSCB. My role is to organise, support and deliver the multi-agency safeguarding training across the Borough, which is available to many different agencies including the Police, Social Services, Health and Schools.
The training includes topics such as Substance Misuse, Neglect, and  Domestic Abuse amongst others. The training is designed and co-ordinated so that colleagues from different agencies can come together to share best practice and learn from each other.

Quality Assurance Manager

My name is Vicky Palmer and I am employed by the Wirral Safeguarding Children Board as the Quality Assurance Manager.  My role is about scrutinising Safeguarding systems across the partnership having particular focus on Early Help.  I do this by chairing a monthly sub group of the Board and the group quality assures samples of Early Help Assessments in the form of CAFs and TAFs completed within the quarter.
The findings from these sessions are then reported quarterly to the partnership evidencing recommendations to partners and celebrating good practice.  Each CAF author and their manager receive feedback and recommendations if their CAF has been QA’d.  I present the reports at various meetings such as Targeted Services allocation meetings, Network meetings and the Early Help Strategic Board.

I also sit on various other groups such as the CSE and Missing group and the Domestic Abuse committee and provide reports for these groups on the subject matter quarterly.  Part of the progression of my role also includes scrutiny and possible challenge of the data performance provided from partners given to the Wirral Safeguarding Children Board.

CSE Development Officer

My name is Michelle Hogg. I am the Child Sexual Exploitation development officer, answerable to the Wirral Safeguarding Children Board.

My role is to ensure that the goals of the multi-agency strategy to combat Child Sexual Exploitation are achieved.

One of my key tasks is to support the work of the multi-agency CSE committee. This includes liaising and working with partner agencies such as Children’s  Social Care, Police, Education and youth groups to test the effectiveness of the service provided by the different agencies to combat CSE. Other tasks are providing performance reports for the WSCB and to raise awareness of CSE.

I also sit on various other groups such as the CSE and Missing group and the Domestic Abuse committee and provide reports for these groups on the subject matter quarterly.  Part of the progression of my role also includes scrutiny and possible challenge of the data performance provided from partners given to the Wirral Safeguarding Children Board.

Quality Auditor

My name is Kat Ryan and I am the Quality Auditor for the Wirral Safeguarding Children Board. My main duties include conducting and facilitating multi agency audits to measure the quality of aspects of safeguarding practice across the WSCB, and make recommendations for improving practice. These audits are undertaken via the WSCB Performance Committee which is attended by multi agency partners. The group agrees a calendar of audits each year and the recommendations from each audit forms part of the audit action plan; used to track progress at each committee. I provide support with the completion of the WSCB annual report and the collection and analysis of responses to the annual Section 11 and 175 audits.

I also provide support to the Safeguarding Unit which includes producing weekly and monthly performance reports and undertaking case file audits. I monitor performance figures and flag trends or significant changes to the Safeguarding QA Manager; these trends inform the areas for auditing throughout the year. I support the completion of the IRO annual report and the Private Fostering annual report.

I also sit on various groups such as the CSE and Missing Committee, Domestic Abuse Committee, CSE Intel Group, Merseyside Custody Audit Group and the Local Authorities’ IRO Performance Management Group.

Safeguarding Administration Support Officer

My name is Kerry Williams, I am the Safeguarding Administration Officer and I have been in post for 2 years. I split my time between training and supporting the LADO.

We run a number of training courses that I help to set up that supports professionals in their roles.

Another part of my role is to process and check the LADO referrals, and supporting the LADO with Administration.