100 Days of Safeguarding

The purpose of the 100 days campaign is to reinforce existing messages, identify important local and national themes, update professionals about policies and procedures and share learning from reviews and audits. The messages will be a mixture of posters, briefings and documents, and the campaign will run into the new year. The messages are aimed at professionals and the WSCP asks that you share them with your staff.  As messages are published a copy will be added to this page which will then become a ‘one stop shop’ for the information.

In order of posting, the messages are:
Neglect, Daily Lived Experience, Online Safety, Graded Care Profile, Mental Health Helpline, Contextual Safeguarding, Health and Wellbeing of Young People, Modern Slavery, Learning from JTAI – Neglect, Fireplace Safety, Accidents in the Home (1), Young Carers, Learning from Local Case Reviews, Accidents in the Home (2), Cyberbullying, Recognising Physical Abuse, Perplexing Presentations/ FII Guidance, Youth Justice Service Inspection Report, Accidents in the Home (3), New Partners in the Home, Fireworks Safety, Recognising Emotional Abuse, Bath Safety Guidance for Babies and Young Children, Disrespect Nobody, Thresholds of Need Level 1, Learning from Liam SCR, Thresholds of Need Level 2, Awareness of County Lines, Learning from WSCP Neglect Audit, Engaging with Hard to Reach Families, Learning from Scarlet CSPR, Anti-Bullying Week, Appropriate Language Guide, Reducing Parental Conflict, Recognising Sexual Abuse, Learning from Anderson Review, Thresholds of Need Level 3, Learning from JTAI – Domestic Abuse, Child Exploitation, Domestic Abuse – Learning from Case Reviews, Its Never Ok Wirral Website, Sexual Abuse Signs and Indicators, Thresholds of Need Level 4, Safer Adolescence Strategy, Multi-agency Training, Domestic Abuse Act 2021, Children Missing from Education and Electively Home Educated Children, Road Safety, Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, Accidents in the Home (4), Adolescents and Neglect, Impact of Poverty, Child of the North report, Using Genograms, Dangers of Button Batteries, ACEs, Bruising in Non-mobile Babies, Engaging with Fathers, Radicalisation 7 Minute Briefing, Community Safety Strategy, Sexting 7 Minute Briefing, Section 11/175 Safeguarding Audit, ICON Babies Cry You Can Cope, Safer Recruitment 7 Minute Briefing, Ofsted Review of Sexual Abuse in Schools, Coercive Control, Harmful Sexual Behaviour Support Service, Body Image, Impact of DA on CYP NSPCC Briefing, Emotional Wellbeing and Missing, CE JTAI Audit, Violence in Merseyside Survey, Low Level Concerns, Look Say Sing Play, Safe After School, Zillo and Sandbox Briefings, International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM, Learning from JTAI Mental Ill Health, Harmful Practices, IICSA CSE by Organised Gangs Report, The Big Ask The Big Answer, Safer Internet Day, Matthew Learning Review, Children of Prisoners, Mental Capacity Act, NSPCC Conference, The Children’s Society Appropriate Exploitation Language Guide, Gillick Competence and Fraser Guidelines, Child Exploitation Protocol, Information Sharing Protocol, Solihull JTAI, LADO 7 Minute Briefing, Parental Substance Misuse, The Big Learn event, Standards for Child Protection, WSCP Annual Report 2021, Spotlight Session Coercive Control, WSCP Training Newsletter, Day 100 Summary

Published Safeguarding Messages:

Day 1 – Neglect

Day 2 – Capturing the Daily Lived Experience

Day 3 – Online Safety Guidance for Parents

Day 4 – 7 Minute Briefing GCP2

Day 5 – Mental Health Crisis Line:

Day 6 7 Minute Briefing Contextual Safeguarding

Day 7 – Emotional Health and Wellbeing:

Day 8 – Modern Slavery

Day 9 – Learning from JTAI – Neglect

Day 10 – Danger of Falling Fire Surrounds

Day 11 – Accidents in the Home I

Day 12 – Young Carers

Day 13: Learning from Local Case Reviews (2016-2021)

Day 14: Accidents on the Home II

Day 15: Cyberbullying Guidance for Parents

Day 16: Awareness of Physical Abuse

Day 17 – Perplexing Presentations and FII

Day 18 – Youth Justice Service Inspection Report

Day 19 – Accidents in and around the Home III

Day 20 – 7 Minute Briefing – New Partner in the Home

Day 21 – Fireworks Safety

Day 22 – Emotional Abuse

Day 23 – Babies and Toddlers Bath Safety

Day 24 – Disrespect NoBody Campaign

Day 25 – Thresholds Level 1

Day 26 – Learning from Case Reviews – Liam

Day 27 – Thresholds Level 2

Day 28 – County Lines

Day 29 – Learning From Neglect Audit

Day 30 – Engaging with Hard to Reach Families

Day 31 – Learning from Child Scarlet Review

Day 32 – Anti-Bullying Week 2021

Day 33 – Language Guide


Day 34 – Reducing Parental Conflict

Day 35 – Sexual Abuse

Day 36 – Learning from Anderson Children Review

Day 37 – Thresholds Level 3

Day 38 – Learning from JTAI – Domestic Abuse

Day 39 – Catch22 CE Newsletter and Links to Resources

Day 40 – Domestic Abuse Learning from Reviews

Day 41 – Its Never Ok Wirral website

Day 42 – Sexual Abuse Signs and Indicators

Day 43 – Thresholds Level 4

Day 44 – Safer Adolescence Strategy

Day 45 – Multi-agency Training

Day 46 – Domestic Abuse Act 2021

Day 47 – Children Missing from Education and Electively Home Educated

Day 48 – Road Safety

Day 49 – Safety in the Home IV

Day 50 – Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

Day 51 – Adolescents/ Adolescence and Neglect

Day 52 – Child Poverty in Wirral

Day 53 – Child of the North Report

Day 54 – Using Genograms in Practice

Day 55 – Dangers of Button Batteries

Day 56 – Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

Day 57 – Happy Christmas from the WSCP

Day 58 – Bruising in Non-Mobile Babies

Day 59 – Engaging with Fathers

Day 60 – Radicalisation 7 Minute Briefing

Day 61 – Community Safety Strategy

Day 62 – Sexting 7 Minute Briefing

Day 63 – Section 11/175 Safeguarding Audit

Day 64 – ICON: Babies Cry, You Can Cope

Day 65 – Safer Recruitment 7 Minute Briefing

Day 66 – Ofsted Review of Sexual Abuse in Schools

Day 67 – Coercive Control

Day 68 – Harmful Sexual Behaviour Support Service

Day 69 – Body Image

Day 70 – Impact of DA on CYP NSPCC Briefing

Day 71 – Missing and Emotional Wellbeing

Day 72 – Child Exploitation JTAI Audit

Day 73 – Violence in Merseyside Survey

Day 74 – Low Level Concerns

Day 75 – Look Say Sing Play

Day 76 – Safe After School

Day 77 – Zillo and Sandbox Website Briefings

Day 78 – International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM

Day 79 – Learning from JTAI – Mental Ill Health

Day 80 – Harmful Practices

Day 81 – IICSA CSE by Organised Gangs Report

Day 82 – The Big Ask The Big Answer

Day 83 – Safer Internet Day

Day 84 – Matthew Learning Review

Day 85 – Children of Prisoners

Day 86 – Mental Capacity Act

Day 87 – NSPCC Conference

Day 88 – Children’s Society Exploitation Language Guide

Day 89 – Gillick Competence and Fraser Guidelines

Day 90 – Child Exploitation Protocol

Day 91 – Information Sharing Protocol

Day 92 – Solihull JTAI

Day 93 – LADO 7 Minute Briefing

Day 94 – Parental Substance Misuse

Day 95 – The Big Learn – Save the Date

Day 96 – Standards for Child Protection

Day 97 – WSCP Annual Report 2021

Day 98 – Spotlight Session Coercive Control

Day 99 – WSCP Training Newsletter

Day 100 – 100 Days Summary