Young People’s Work

What do you think safeguarding means, and what makes you feel safe?

The WSCB has been asking Young People what Safeguarding means to them and what makes them feel safe, these are the answers I have had so far;

  • Safeguarding means making sure everything is okay, like in the workplace it can be about the environment you work in making sure it is all safe, the people around you are not racist and it’s all equal. What makes me feel safe is knowing that I have got people to talk to such as my Carer and my Friends


  • Safeguarding is providing protection and security, what makes me feel safe is knowing the people I love are there for me and I’m there for them


  • I personally feel that safeguarding is very important for children, young adults and vulnerable adults. As I am a product of the social care system, I feel that safeguarding was crucial for me to live a happy life and have the positive upbringing that I did.


  • My definition of safeguarding would outline the actions taken to promote the overall welfare of people, which conveys that they are protected from any harm. The policy would protect people from possibly being abused whether that would be at home or in a school environment for example. It doesn’t have to be just physical abuse as mental abuse is a major factor to consider as well.I suggest that safeguarding is key for a young person’s growth and development. If a person has dreams or goals that they want to achieve then it should be assisted as much as possible. Nothing should hold a person back from achieving their dreams and safeguarding allows a person to be individual and have a voice.To relate this back to myself, I felt like I was never held back. Some people have had to live with parents or foster parents that are strict and don’t let the child think for themselves, for me it wasn’t like that. I was essentially left to my own devices to plan what I want to do in life. They would always show a keen interest in my hobbies and what I enjoyed doing, they would try very hard to get me to embrace it more. For example I loved snooker, football and over sports and they would try getting me into a local team of some sort so I could develop my love for sports. When it came to school they vastly supported that I wanted a career in computing when I was older. Never would they say, ‘oh I don’t think you should be doing that, you should do something else’. Safeguarding played a major role in how I have developed into a person and I’m very thankful for it.


CSE Poster

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Survey Results

The WSCB carried out a survey of young people to identify their safeguarding priorities. 602 responses were received and the top 8 priority areas identified were:

  1. Mental ill health received the highest number of votes with 96
  2. Combatting physical abuse received 95 votes
  3. Online Safety received  90 votes
  4. Combatting sexual abuse and exploitation got 70 votes
  5. Bullying and online bullying received 69 votes
  6. Combatting domestic violence received 66 votes
  7. Self-Harm also received 66 votes
  8. Sexting received 51 votes