Links to good resources for home schooling

This page contains links to free resources from lots of different organisations designed to help home school children during the Covid-19 lockdown. As these are all from external sites we cannot guarantee the quality but hopefully there will be resources here of use to you. Where possible we have arranged the links by age group.

At the bottom of the page are links to fun educational activities including virtual tours of museums.

The Department for Education has published guidance for schools about safeguarding and remote learning:

BBC Bitesize provides lessons, videos, resources, games and fun activities for subjects across the curriculum from foundation stage to post 16. Lessons are also available on the BBC iPlayer.

Links to pages by age group are below:

Click for Primary aged children (age 3 to 11)

Click for Secondary Key Stage 3 (Yrs 7,8,9)

Click for Secondary GCSE (Yrs 10,11)

Click for Post 16 Functional Skills

Times Education Supplement includes a very comprehensive set of resources. Most are from schools across the country and are posted and shared by teachers. There are literally thousands of resources to choose from.

Click for Primary Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Click for Primary Key Stage 1

Click for Primary Key Stage 2

Click for Secondary (resources listed by subject)

Huge list of links to free resources on the TES website here.

Classroom Secrets resources are free to access during the lockdown:

For Primary Resources click here.

British Council have published a range of global learning resources:

For the resources click here.

Pearson Education has put all of their school resources online:

For Primary Resources click here.

For Secondary Resources click here.

For Revision Resources click here.

Teachers Pet online resources (aimed at Primary)

Minecraft Education Edition

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ReadingWise is providing free online learning materials for reading and literacy (aimed at Primary).

Learning Through Landscapes Resources for families to use with children (aimed at Primary)

Khan Academy – This is an American site but contains a lot of resources for 2-18 year olds across a variety of subjects. Particularly good for Maths.

The British Library has a very wide selection of their collection available online (all ages but best for Secondary and Post 16 research

The Artful Parent site has a lot of really good fun practical activities parents and carers can do with younger children.

The 3d Geography site contains a lot of templates that can be printed and made.

Crestawards Science and Technology Resources:

For Primary Resources click here

For Secondary Resources click here

YouTube – Links to supplementary family learning activities:

[email protected] with YouTube

Please note the WSCP is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Online and Digital Tours

British Museum digital access to its collections

Chester Zoo YouTube video of a live tour of the zoo

Natural History Museum virtual tour

National Gallery virtual tour

Tate Modern Gallery virtual tour

Nasa Kids Club

The Vatican virtual tour

Please note the WSCP is not responsible for the content of external websites.