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CSE Awareness Day 18th March

Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day 18th March 2018

The National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day aims to highlight  the issues surrounding CSE; encouraging everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuse and adopt a zero tolerance to adults developing inappropriate relationships with children.

The WSCB supports the NWG commitment to fighting CSE and supporting victims and their families who are subjected to child sexual exploitation. More information about the work of the NWG and activities to support CSE Awareness Day can be found here.

On the 18th March there will be a call for all to unite against child sexual exploitation. Show your support by writing a personal pledge and posting to your social media with the hashtag #HelpingHands to help raise awareness of CSE.

What is Child Sexual Exploitation?

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a form of sexual abuse that involves manipulation and/ or coercion of young people under the age of 18 into sexual activity. This can involve the young person (or another person) receiving something such as food, accommodation, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, affection, gifts or money in exchange for the young person performing sexual activities or having sexual activities performed on them.

It is NOT OK for someone to expect you or your friends t do things you don’t want to do sexually. Listen to your instinct; if it doesn’t feel right #SaySomething

How you can Help

On March 18, we want the world to unite against child sexual exploitation

There are various ways you can show your support:

1. Write a personal pledge on your hands to show support for our Helping Hands campaign. Post your photo on social media with the hashtag #HelpingHands and #CSEDay18 to help us raise awareness of CSE. Your pledge can be anything. From speaking out, to educating others. It is your promise to the victims of child sexual exploitation (CSE). For more information visit here

2. Display Stop Campaign… and help to raise awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation by displaying our banners and posters – designed to encourage participation in the National CSE Awareness Day – together we can raise awareness and deter child sexual exploitation.

Downloading copies of the is simple, the NWG have a variety of media available to help you raise awareness with us, from posters and banners to simply displaying the campaign logo..

3. Show your support on social media use #HelpingHands and #CSEDay18.

Join the CSE thunderclap on the 18th:

You can download posters, website banners and logo’s

4. Educate, speak out and encourage others to join us in the fight against Child Sexual Exploitation


Children and young people can be informed about Child Sexual Exploitation and the methods used to target and groom them. They can be given literature to help them understand Child Sexual Exploitation and the contact details of local and national organisations who can help them if they are concerned about themselves or their friends. They can look out for their friends too and speak out if they are concerned.

Parents and carers can be made aware of the indicators of Child Sexual Exploitation to help spot early warning signs, they can maintain an open dialogue with their children about their online and offline activities. They can know who to contact if they have concerns.

Practitioners can help empower children and parents/carers by educating them about Child Sexual Exploitation, the grooming process, the risk factors and indicators and the contact details of local and national organisations that can offer support. Practitioners can ensure that their own knowledge of Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking is up to date.

The leisure industry – Hotels, Taxi Companies, Take-Aways, B&B’s and Retailers all have a role to play in safeguarding children and ensuring that their staff are trained to recognise the signs of Child Sexual Exploitation and what to do if they suspect Child Sexual Exploitation by using the Community Awareness training toolkit Say Something if you See Something

Decision makers and politicians need to provide a culture in which all of the above can function and thrive and continue to play a key role in ensuring our children are safe from Child Sexual Exploitation.

As a Decision maker or politician you need to ensure Your community is engaged in protecting children from Sexual Exploitation.

5. Use the information and resources on this website and on the pan Merseyside dedicated CSE Listen to my Story website. Children and young people, their parents or carers, teachers or professionals working with children are encouraged to visit the website which raises awareness of CSE and importantly, where to get help and support.


What’s happening locally?

Professionals from Catch22 will be out and about across Wirral in the week before and after National CSE Day. Activities include training and information sessions for hoteliers and licensees, visits to residential providers, training providers and youth clubs, visits to fast food restaurants across Wirral to raise awareness of this important issue.

Staff from the local authority will also be visiting different agencies including the Hive to talk and raise awareness of CSE issues.

The WSCB has updated our CSE page and added additional resources for professionals including guidance about the use of language and the dangers of labelling young people who have been exploited. More guidance has also been provided for parents and carers about how to keep their children safe online, this can be found here.

Merseyside Police will also be out and about visiting agencies to raise awareness of CSE and wider exploitation.

Let me know if your organisation is doing anything on or around CSE day and I will highlight here: [email protected]

Links and Sources:

WSCB CSE Page for Professionals:

WSCB CSE Page for Parents/ Carers:

WSCB Internet Safety Page for Parents/ Carers:

WSCB CSE Page for Children and Young People:

WSCB Online Safety Page for Children and Young People:

WSCB Sexting Information Page for Children and Young People:


Wirral Safeguarding Children Board Awareness and Learning Posters

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